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Hotfix release available fixing CVE-2017-12583: 2017-02-19c "Frusterick Manners". upgrade now! [49.3] (what's this?)
Hotfix release available fixing security token and media manager: 2017-02-19b "Frusterick Manners". upgrade now! [49.2] (what's this?)

RemoZipTools 1.8

New in version 1.8:

“C4D in ZIP by Remo!” Exporting of C4D scene compressed in ZIP file.

Features of the past versions

Added 7z archive support. This plugin is using LZMA SDK with Simplified license for unmodified code (read SPECIAL EXCEPTION)

Please

You can download 7-Zip archiver for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux under following link.

7-Zip Download


It allow you to load firs C4D scene from ZIP or 7z file without extract it. Just Drag and Drop any Zip fill with C4D-scene into C4D and the first scene frot this file will be opened in C4D.

If the ZIP file conteins Plug-in then it will try to extract it into C4D plugins directory, then you can restart C4D and new installed Plugin-In must work. Ufortunately it is not possible to update existing plugin so you need to do this manually.

Regards and Big thanks to all Beta testers!!! Remo :)


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