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SuperVoxels is plugin for Maxon Cinema4D R14. It is a multi threaded voxel generator and processing tool for C4D. It also voxel cloner, tetraeder generator, TP generator, Iso Surface Polygonizer, Point Cloud Generator and more…

Following OS are supported: Windows Vista, 7, 8. OS X 10.7 and 10.8.

CPU with SSE3 support. AVX is not required but supported.

This tools is still in development so please so new features will probably be available in future versions. Please report problem if you find any.

Voxelplugin for C4D on youtube by Holger Biebrach

SuperVoxels Forum Demo download is in this forum. Lite version will be available in near future.

Get SuperVoxels full version


SuperVoxels is a tools with a lot of possibilities. It is a Point Cloud generator, TP Emitter, Cloner (like DiCloner) Iso surface polygonizer and more. All this is base on Voxels that can be created from Polygonal Meshes or Splines or C4D Shaders.

What is Voxel? One can say it is something like Pixel but in 3d, volumetric Pixel. It is a 3d space subdivided in equally sized regions. Usually Voxel is like a Box (uniform) but may also have shape of Cuboid (non uniform). Working with non-uniform Voxels is a more difficult so this plugin has limited support for it.

What is inside a vaoxel? Voxel can store different information inside it but most important one is the distance to the nearest point on Mesh, Spline or Particle.

This plugin uses sparse voxel representation to save memory (RAM). But you will still need a lot of memory to work with complex geometry or small voxels. Especially lot of memory needed for Voxel Tracing (History Depth) functionality.

Voxelization: transforming geometry to voxels. Creating voxels near Mesh Surface or near Spline … Meshing: is the process of creating Polygonal (but not only) representation of Voxels.

SuperVoxels GUI


  • Polygon: Polygon object. Plase note that every voxelizer has some different requerement on the mesh, like no holes.
  • Spline: any spline. Please note that not every voxelizer support splines.
  • TP: Particle Geometry with the link to TP group.
  • Shader: volume Texture shader.


  • Stable: voxelizer that retund unsigned distance.
  • Star: voxelizer that retund unsigned distance.
  • SDF(Signed Distan Field/Function): Requeres mesh without holes.
  • Black & White: do not return nearest distance like other but something like monochrome image of

the mesh but in 3D.

  • Turbo: Defaul pretty fast voxelizer that retund unsigned distance

. Not every voxeliz er support Wire Frame or Spline as input.

Wire Frame if enabled then only Mesh Wire Frame (edges) will be Voxelized.

Voxel Size how big will be Voxel Box or Cuboid if Uniform is disabled. Please be carefully with this parameter, too small values may explode you system ;) Smaller sizes are slower and need more memory.

Voxel Offset global position offset of all Voxels.

Voxel Shell determine how far from Mesh Surface voxel can be created. Control surface, spline, particle thickness. Smaller values will create lesser voxel, but too small will cause holes.

Out Threshold related to Voxel Shell but used during Meshing of voxels. Smaller values will create lesser clones, but too small will cause holes. Work only if values are smaller as Voxel Shell values.

History Depth per frame Voxel Tracing function will be enabled if higher as 1. Specify for how many frames older Voxels will be remembered and then mixed together with new ones. This function may consume a lot of memory, so be carefully with it. Also lock to History Memory field to know estimated memory consumed by History

Output here you can select what this plugin will create.

  • Merged: will create one single mesh where all clones will be merged in.
  • Separate: will create null object with all the clones. (Slow)
  • Instances: will create null object with Instances to the cloned object. (Slow)
  • Spline: a spline with one point per voxel.
  • TP Particles: will spawn one particle in the center of voxels.
  • Point Cloud: just a Polygon Object with points per voxel.
  • Cube Mesh:
  • SDF Polygonize: at best use this with SDF voxelizer, this is Iso surface polygonozer.
  • Null: return Null Object, not really usable for now.
  • Tetrahedra: Return single mesh composed from Tetrahedras.

Show Info if enable the you will see plugin name and stored voxel count in the editor. If the new version of the plugin is available the you will see “Outdated” there.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

:?: What is the difference between Signed Distance and unsigned Distance?

:!: Most voxelizer will store distance to the neares polygon (spline segment) in the voxels. SDF voxelizer will also give sign to every of this values. Nagative distance means that the voxel is inside of the mesh, positive that it is outside. Other will store only distance to the mesh without sign so using this information you can not say if the voxel is inside or outside of the mesh.

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If plugin odes not work then you may need to place tbb.dll to the same folder as CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe !

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