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PhyRIS Examples

Here you will find PhyTools examples. Of course you can add you own examples too.

PhyRIS Movies:

RIS_Towers_2.avi (1.4MB|DivX) (1.5MB) (4.4MB)

PhyRIS Example files:

[4.Jul.2007] How to use PhyRIS and ConvexCreator to fill a static half capsule.

PhyRIS_Fill_Jul07.c4d (0.2 MB)

Question: Connecting objects in PhyTools ???

Answer: Cube With Spheres (1.1MB)

Chris Cousin's Example Files and Movies

Chris Cousins is one of the Phytools Betatesters and has kindly agreed to share his test files and example files with Phytools users. Some highlight issues or problems he has had whilst testing and others simply highlight some real clever things Phytools is capable of. They are a great resource to look into and see how things might work or just generally pick apart. Chris is based in the UK, Brighton if i remember rightly and is a freelancer so open to offers! heh heh (Ed. Many thanks Chris…)

The Chains

Heavy Chain mov file 264 codec

Winch mov file 264 codec

Breaking the chain links mov file 264

Chris Cousin's Chain example scenes

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