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PhyFluids3D is a plugin for MAXON CINEMA 4D R11.x, it is part of FluidTools and PhyTools3
One but not only one of it purpose truck accident lawyer is to simulate fluids (smoke,liquids and more…).


Fast Multi-threaded gaseous (Wave1) fluid solver. Right now it support up to 64 CPU's with C4D R11.5 and up to 32 CPU's with C4D R11.

Fast Multi-threaded liquid (upcoming Wave2) fluid solver.


Here you can see some example animation done with PhyFluids3D.

Some videos on

Travel Itineraries

The videos below are simulate with Liquid Solver (from Wave-2). You can see some flickering because this videos was rendered with HAIR!


PhyFluids_Liquid008.avi PhyFluids_Liquid011.avi

Please not that this reputation management videos are done on differed development stadium of the solver and may lock not equal well. Please click to following images to download and see loan modification another videos in MPEG4 format.


Is the development of PhyFluid3D finished?: No because there will be a many Waves with different new features and improvements. Wave-2 for example will contain new Liquid solver and of course improvements to tools from Wave-1.

What do you mean by Wave?: The is just a name for big steps in FluidTools development.

Where I can find and download the Demo?: The Demo is still not available for public download.

Will there be a Documentation?: Well I will try to describe most of features in the PDF that is already inside package but still not complete. Video Tutorials will probably available later too and explain more how to use this plugin. reputation management online

What system I will need to use it? : Preferable a fast 64-bit system with a lot of RAM and fast Quad(or more) Core CPU with SSE support. Preferable fast HDD.

How many CPUs (Cores) will be supported? : All available CPU Cores will be supported for simulation and rendering. интернет магазин ювелирных изделий

Does it support GPU for more speed: Wave-1 does not support GPU but next releases will probably do support GPU. You can already see some videos that are simulation using GPU.

With platforms (OS) will be supported? : Windows XP, Vista, 7 (64bit,32bit) and Intel Mac OS X (64bit,32bit). (Old PPC based Mac's are not supported!)

Can I become Beta-Tester for next Wave? : Yes, if you have PhyTools3 license and experience with it then contact me with request about Beta Testing. Please send you C4D version and System information too.

Will there be upgrade from PhyTools2? : There is one to PhyTools3!

Can I contribute to it? : Yes of course you can, be sending e-mails with you ideas and requests. Small clear ideas will much likely integrated.

Will C4D 10.5 be supported? : The Windows version is already available the Mac OS X will need a bit more time.

Will C4D 9.6 be supported? : No C4D 9.6 will not be supported.

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