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GeoTools2010: [6.September.2010] Fro C4D R11, R11.5 and R12.



You can test GeoTools-2010 with C4D Savable DEMO. Including PDF Manual!

GoTools Demo/Update

Be sure to remove any previous versions before installing new versions.


Test video that show 5 broken tasses with 55551 polygons in every.

Another test with Torus as main shape.

Breaking Cube in 10000 pieces!

Broken Tasse Tag


  1. Can use any object with point as input. Polygon Object and Spline.
  2. Can use Vertex Map to weigh point/particle importance ! Enable “Use Particle Weight” for this and tweak “Weight Scale”.
  3. Can use Classic C4D Particle system as input too!
  4. Can use Thinking Particles but not require this too!
  5. Can use TP Size to weigh particle particle! Enable “Use Particle Weight” for this and tweak “Weight Scale”.
  6. Can randomly generate particle if no input used. Set number of particles with “Random Particle Count” and tweak “Random Particle Seed”.
  7. Near all parameter can be animated. Enable “Update every frame” for this.
  8. If you get some unexpected broken cuts then enabling/disabling “Create Ngons” will probably remove this.
  9. With “Invert Cut” you can cut Object from pieces and not Object in pieces as without it.
  10. the pieces can be shrink with “Shrink piece” parameter.
  11. You can get raw not cuted pieces with “Create Raw pieces”!
  12. Optimized to work with new SilverBullet4D and vice versa!
  13. Working volume can be increased with “Work space Margin”. Usually Bounding Box of “Contour Mesh In” + Margin will be used as Working volume!
  14. Will calculate volume of every piece and write it to its name!
  15. Do not require Mograph but can used with it too.
  16. Work with C4D R11.0 and R11.5 on Windows ad Mac OS X (32 and 64 bit) !
  17. Will generate UVW coordinates using one of C4D projection methods for inside/cut texture mapping.
  18. Can fix bad (shadowed) faces. Enable “Fix bad Faces” for this! Look at picture below for example.

Voronoi Mesh Object

Is a generator Object that can create Voronoi based Ngon Meshes.

Topology Info Tag

Provides information about polygon mesh. It can calculate volume and surface area of any closed polygon mesh.

It will help you to find degenerate polygons or edges with zero length or unused vertex in you mesh.


Volume Selector Tools

Tool that selects all points inside any closed polygon mesh. Example: VTVMap_Tag1.c4d


GeCopyFormer Object

This Generator will create a deformed copy of the object. Usually using with any kind of Deformers. Example: GeCopyFormer_0.c4d

ML-Anti-Aliasing PostFX

Fast Anti-Aliasing for C4D as a Post FX. Of course the result are not as good as with C4D own Best Anti-Aliasing but it is much faster. Because it is fast It will work well with Interactive Render Region.


Tag that creates a vertex map based on distance to polygon object surface…seem to remember it being combined by gunter with DiTool´s VMDeformer…quote “produce vertexmaps by objects and deform by DiTool´s DiVMDeformer”



Signed distance map (SDM) Shader. With it you can fast calculate distance of any point in space to the mesh and if this point is inside or outside the mesh. Unfortunately to create SDM some time is needed depended on mesh complexity. NB. it can take a few seconds with big meshes.


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