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Frequently asked questions

Enclose the text in double square brackets, comme ça:


This would create a link to Phytools. If the link is red, it means that the page does not exist yet. If it is green, it means that there is an existing page on the topic in the wiki.

How do I add a page?

  1. On the page you intend to link from choose “edit this page”.
  2. add a link in the form:

    The page name can contain spaces and most punctuation characters, if you want.

  3. when you save the page, the new link appears
  4. click the link; as long as the page doesn't already exist, the wiki will you tell “This topic does not exist yet”, and ask you if you would like to create it. Click on “create this page”
  5. There is no step five…!

What are namespaces?

Namespaces are approximately equivalent to “categories” in Dokuwiki, our wiki engine. They help to maintain a semblance of order in the wiki, but they can be confusing when creating links. If you are creating a link to a page within the current namespace, you do not need to specify the namespace; if, however, you are creating a link to a page outside the current namespace, you must specify the namespace like so:


How do I move a page?

Currently, there is no page moving function with Dokuwiki. We may install a page moving plugin at some point in the future. For the time being, the way to move a page is to create a link for the new location, create the page, and copy and paste the content from the old page to the new page. If you are moving across namespaces, the media (images and video) that you have uploaded to the old namespace will not propagate to the new one; you will need to re-upload them in the new namespace.

Be sure to clean up after yourself if you move pages; delete the old page, and delete any uploaded files that are no longer necessary (see Nick if you do not have media deletion privileges).

How do I delete a page?

Simply edit the page, select all the text, delete it, and save. The page is now gone, but its history still persists in the wiki's logging capability.

Before you do this, however, make sure that it is appropriate to delete the page. If it has incoming links, you may want to leave a brief bit of text explaining why the page is gone, or where it has moved.

How do I upload images, movies, and other files?

In the editing view there is a small icon in the toolbar that looks like a picture in a frame. Clicking on this will call up the media file manager, where you can select files on your local system and upload them to the wiki. The wiki will accept .mov, .swf, .zip files, and standard web graphic files (jpg, png, gif). Please keep these files small.

To embed them in the page, double-click them in the media manager, or use the form:

{{ | option link title text}}

If you want to create links to large or offsite files, you can use the form:

[[|External Link]]
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