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PhyFluids2D is a 2d Fluid Plugin for C4D and is based on Voxel-Grid(Eulerian). Only 2D simulation is possible with it, 3D version is available as PhyFluids3D.

If you have Ideas, Suggestions or Questions then please let me immediately know about this.

PhyFluids2D is part of PhyTools3 and FluidTools plugins collections!


Version 0.5:

This version has Multi Core support on Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. The fasted version is for Windows XP 64-tit or Vista 64-bit.

So if you have Quad Core 64-bit CPU then the simulation should run approximately 3.2x faster, future optimizations may be increase this a bit toward 4x but will never reach it!

There are two compiles one for Multi Code “PhyFluids2D_mp.*” and one for single Core “PhyFluids2D.*”.

MacOS X version uses only single core for simulation for now, this will be probably changed later.

The maximum resolution for simulation grid is 4096 * 4096. Simulation grid size mus be always multiplies of 4! (16, 40, 128… )

How to use

The main element is “ReFluid 2D”, create this. Now you can use “ReFluid Painter” to paint density or forces on “ReFluid 2D” plane. All(density, forces) what you paint n frame 0 will be saved with document if you save it.

To render the simulation you will need to add “FlowGrid 2D Shader” to “ReFluid 2D” and optionally drag “ReFluid 2D” to [FlowGrid2D] field into “FlowGrid 2D Shader”.

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