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SilverBullet-2, PhysX, Elastic Rods ?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Do some one is interested in SilverBullet-2 using PhysX ?

Do you want/need “Position-based Elastic Rods” in UniFlex ?

6 comments to “SilverBullet-2, PhysX, Elastic Rods ?”

  1. jim myrige Says:

    I’d love to try them out Remo, sounds fantastic!

  2. remotion Says:
  3. jim myrige Says:

    Definitely looks useful, good for representation of molecule chains, chemical bonds etc.

  4. badredcat Says:

    Yes, that would be great ! And I have a question. Where can I read about changes in Uniflex from July 3 , 2011 which has been stated in the demo version.

  5. remotion Says:

    I am working on new Demo for UniFlex.
    Changes are usually in the readme.txt inside the package.

    P.S.: It is possible that I will need to lock comments here soon because of SPAM :(

  6. jim myrige Says:

    Instead of a math validator, try an image captcha.