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C4D R12 status.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

If you still wondering witch of my plugins are already ported to R12 then here is the info for you.

GeoTools2010 is ready for R12 and upgrade to GeoTools2011 is on the way.
It will be available for R12 and higher.

SilverBullet4D is R12 ready too, the update is free.

DiTools is pretty old and will not be ported to R12 any more.
But some of most interesting plugin will be ported and updated and still available.
So if you like some of plugins from DiTools then let me know.

Paranormal4D was already ported to R12 too.

If you can not download Update using “Login-Updates” for GeoTools2010 then just select “Auto” as Plugin name.
The Upgrade from GeoTools2010 to GeoTools2011 should be availalbe in short future…