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DiTools Update and old Blog.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New DiTools version is now available for Download as Update or Demo.
It should work now on Mac OS X with C4D R11.5 !

Also temporally back to old Blog until I have time to update the new one.

Plese note that to extract 7z archive you may need new 7-Zip 9.15 Version!

On Mac OS X you may need this one!


6 comments to “DiTools Update and old Blog.”

  1. cgassassin Says:

    Hmm, I dont see the demo?

  2. Remotion Says:

    Just go to Products or Downloads and lock to DiTools.


  3. cgassassin Says:

    The newest there is april 5.

  4. Remotion Says:

    Now it is August.

  5. Stuart Lynch Says:

    Is there a change log anywhere?

  6. Remotion Says:

    No there is no change log.
    This is update for R11.5 and Mac OS X.