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News around PhyTools!

Monday, March 30, 2009

User of Cinema 4D 11.x can now download new update for PhyTools1 v1.3.
It contains some Bug Fixes for ViFluids and is ready for 64-bit Mac.

All other can get PhyTools2 license cheaper for short time.
PhyTools2 of course includes all PhyTools1 plugins and PhyFluids2D plugin for 2D fluids simulation.

For upcoming PhyFluids3D we have new smoke test video:
BlueSmokeD_Marz09.avi (770 KB)
This will be probably last smoke test for now…

4 comments to “News around PhyTools!”

  1. jmrv Says:

    your working on way to many tools you need to dedicate yourself to the smoke feature _alone_ thats all people really need. a full featured pyro solution that can also do bombs, fire, smoke etc. you need to dedicate to only phyfluids3d man thats all the c4d users really want maxons pyroclusters sucks!

  2. sbecker Says:

    Will there also be an update to PhyRis for 64Bit on OSX? Also, is Silverbullet for Mac 64 still being developed? These are the last two of my regular workflow plugins that are preventing me working only in 64 bit mode.

    Thanks Remo!

  3. icerix Says:

    Thank you
    Will be demo version of it?
    Previous expired

  4. Remotion Says:

    @jmrv: yes you are probably right with this.
    @sbecker: yes Mac 64-bit of SilverBullet is planed but I can not say when it will be ready.

    I am now try to focus my work on PhyFluids.